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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bringing the world to my classroom

Last week, my Spanish 3 students skyped with American students studying Spanish in Madrid. I asked the college students to only speak in Spanish with each other and with my students. It was an awesome experience. The goal of this career/study abroad program was to teach my students about the SAP opportunities that they will have in college. They had to research a university in a TC, that they could potentially see themselves attending. As part ot the project, they had to interview SAP students in a target country. My kids wrote 2 questions each regarding life in the TC. Speaking to the students in Madrid showed my students what life in a TC is like for an American, and the differences between attending college in the US versus Madrid. The college students were so gracious and patient as each one of my students came to the camera and asked the college students a question in Spanish. The college kids then asked a couple of questions of my students and a couple of my kids answered the questions.

Next year, I want to do this as part of my curriculum. I want to skype students in a TC on a regular basis and develop friendships between our classes. It was a five star experience for my students and one that I hope to be able to replicate in the future with TC students.

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