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Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 11 My Favorite Part of the School Day

I  have three favorite parts of my school day. One is individual and the other two are shared in community.

My individual favorite part is when I am writing lesson plans. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE creating lessons that engage my students. I literally get giddy with excitement when I hit on what I know is a great idea and I hold my breath in anticipation at seeing how the kids will react to it. Most of the time I am not disappointed with the expected response. This is why I resent how much of my/our day is taken up with chores and busy work that has NOTHING to do with teaching and learning. But, that is for another blog somewhere, I am sure.

The other favorite part of my day is when I am with the kids and I see the excitement in their eyes when they "get" something. I also get super excited when they create language on their own, when they make connections between prior knowledge and new information, when they figure something out on their own and when they are just plain excited to be in my class learning Spanish.

The third favorite part of my day is when my son comes to my room after his day at his school. It used to be when my almost 18 year old daughter came to my room during the day to say hi, give me a kiss and raid my closet for snacks. But now that she is a senior I don't see her much at school and that makes me sad.

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