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Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 5 - A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

 Allow me to introduce you to my Spanish room.

 When I see this picture, I have to laugh, because my room reflects me so well. There is a lot of color and texture from various authentic items from Spanish speaking countries. I want to create an atmosphere in my room that feels as if my students are at a "mercado artesanal" in Ecuador. I have an hamaca (hammock), wall hangings, modern and indigenous clothing, art prints, posters, curiosidades, student work, etc. The items come from various countries reflecting both my heritage and my travels. Notice that a poster has fallen off the bulletin board and is on the ground propped against the wall. I obviously missed the empty space on the board. As I say... this room reflects me well.

I have the classroom set up in a sort of square shaped U. I like to keep the middle as a wide open space so that students can get up and dance, do group activities, get on the floor to work on big papers and because I need a big stage for my teaching. This year I have 26 students in my Spanish 3 Honors classes, so the kids are pretty crowded. It has been a challenge keeping this shape with so many kids.

The things that I want to change about my room are:
  • Get rid of the textbooks - store them somewhere to make room for authentic books, mags, etc
  • Create an inviting library corner with these print materials.
  • Bring in some lamps to get rid of that mood killing fluorescent lightning. 
  • Create language ladders or word walls. The kids NEED them! 
  • Maybe next year, get some tables so that students can collaborate better. Almost took the plunge this year, but I am not sold on this idea yet. 
Would love some suggestions from you fellow teachers.
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