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Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 1 of the Blogging Challenge

I've taken up the 30 day challenge by @TeachThought because I want to become more of a #reflectiveteacher. I'm exhausted and ready to go to bed so this will be a short, sweet and to the point.

For my Spanish 1 students, I  have already been blogging about my feelings and the transition from elitist snob to fun teacher to all students.
  • I want my novices to love Spanish: both the language and the culture.
  • I want them to believe that they CAN learn Spanish and to want to continue outside of my classroom.
  • I want to expose them to the culture in a way that they will experience it and be changed by it. 
  • I want them to be able to communicate at a basic level and have a limited but meaningful interaction with a Spanish speaker, when they leave my class at the end of May. 
For my Spanish 3 Honors:
  • I want them to love Spanish: both the language and the culture.
  • I want them to lose their fear of making mistakes and to believe me when I tell them that mistakes are part of the process.
  • I want them to be risk-takers in the language 
  • I want them to make an impact in the community outside of my classroom as a result of being in my class.
  • I want to rock their neat suburban world of going to the mall, the lake and football games so that they will realize that there is a world out there that needs them and that they can be world changers
  • I want to show them how awesome it would be to do a Study Abroad program while they are in college (Career Unit).
  • I want them to be able to reach at least an Intermediate Low level by the end of May.  
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