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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 12 Evolution or Revolution?

Day 12
How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?

As  I pondered this question, I couldn't help but see it globally. No surprise here, as I am a global learner, thinker and teacher. I can't imagine how *my* teaching will change over the next five years without envisioning how teaching in general will change within my circles and sphere of influence, whether that is at my current school or wherever I will be between next year and the next 5 years. Disclaimer: I love my school and have no desire to leave but life has a way of changing our plans without notice.

At any rate, as I experience my own evolution I am also starting a revolution. My weapons are research of best practices, modeling, sharing my knowledge and resources generously with others and talking to people. The thing is, I can't evolve in a vacuum because I am a Spanish teacher among many others. I am not a French or German teacher (God bless them and give them extra chocolate in heaven!) who teaches every student from Fr or G 1 through AP. What I do is profoundly affected by teachers who taught my students before me and how I teach will affect my students as they go to new teachers after me.

So, in my evolution of learning how to reach students, get them to LOVE learning Spanish and other languages, and effectively teaching them to actually speak, understand and write, I am propelled to help other teachers also evolve into the kind of teacher that research shows us gets results.

My goal within the next 5 years to be part of the group of educators who are working to revolutionize our state. We have flagship districts and schools that are doing an incredible job of teaching with evidence based practices (SBL, ACTFL guidelines, proficiency based, etc). But, I want to light a fire in our state that spreads throughout where no matter what district or school a student goes to, he/she will at least be exposed to evidence based teaching of World Languages.

In 5 years, I hope that my evolution would have brought me to the point that I am teaching a curriculum that is fully proficiency driven. I envision that most of the assignments will be submitted via technology. I will not say ALL because I believe in teaching to different modalities and some kids can't function in a 100% technology integrated classroom. In 5 years I also hope to be taking trips with my students where I am showing them some of the places that we visit virtually in our classroom.

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