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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 7 Ode to My Virtual Colleagues

Day 7: "Who is your best colleague?"

My best colleagues are in my virtual PLN in Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ groups. I´ve written about them before in my post ¨My Twitter PLN¨.

So, here it goes again for the sake of the @Teachthought Blog Challenge. Yes, I'm cheating but didn't want to skip a day of the challenge even if I already wrote about it.

 Twitter is where I can learn, grow and exchange ideas with educators who are hungry for learning about best instructional practices for World Languages, technology and other fields. These are passionate "crazy" people, like me, who want to continue learning after we leave school. I have learned more about teaching Spanish, from my Twitter PLN than from any other college course, WL conference, or PD. Twitter puts everyone on an even playing field. It is a place where the novice teacher has equal access to generous veteran teachers who want to share their experience and knowledge. It allows me to talk to experts in the field, writers, and people who otherwise would not be accessible to me unless I traveled to a conference. Twitter is a lab where we are all experimenting with various evidence based techniques for the same purpose: to spread knowledge about WLs, to bring our kids to proficiency in TL, to get them to experience target cultures, to make the United States into a multi-lingual country where the rule is that people speak more than English. 

I am humbled and awed by the incredible generosity of so many teachers who spend hours sharing their knowledge with others. So, this is my thank you letter to those who host #langchats, to those who write for Edudemic, to those who write blogs and to those who have personally reached out to me and encouraged me in this journey. You have made me believe that I CAN teach in a way that brings results. Thank you, @Sraspanglish, @msfrenchteach, @dr_dmd, @ColeeSensei, @SECottrell, @alenord,@placido, @tmsauer, @ZJonesSpanish, @csctfl, @SenoraWienhold, @bleidolf67, +SenoraCMT, @ProfeCochran, among others. 

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